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Tiffany Jean's Photography

Hey there! My name is Tiffany! I have been doing photography for about four years. I started taking pictures in middle school as a hobby, and then it slowly turned into much more. I decided to start Tiffany Jean’s Photography in 2013. I would say my style of photography is more natural. I’d rather take pictures outside rather than inside in studio lighting. I also think that my style is a little different. I love being a fun photographer, especially with kids. I feel creating a fun and comfortable environment makes for a fun shoot and makes a client want to keep coming back. Sometimes the photos I take are when the kids are just playing, and sometimes those are the best ones. I also like to make sure that whatever ideas my clients have get photographed first. They’re paying me to capture some of their greatest moments so they should have the images they want. To sit and think about my favorite session is definitely difficult. There are things that stands out about all of them. One of my many favorites is my last family session. I have known my client since I was little so it was a good feeling to be the one to take pictures of her, her husband and beautiful little girl. What really stands out about about this session was that I got to work with a two week old baby sheep. It was a really awesome experience, not only did I get to pet the little guy but I also got to hold it.



Another shoot that comes to mind when I think about my favorite shoots is a senior session I had last year. I took her to one of my favorite parks for pictures. I so badly wanted to get a picture of her in front of the water. What I didn’t anticipate were the geese that hang out by the water. We took a few shots and before we knew it, we are running away from about five or six geese. That was the last time we tried that for the day. Thank goodness we did manage to get a couple good shots before we got chased off.


It is so great to look back on the last four years and see my growth and also things I still need to learn and work on to give my clients the best images possible.      

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