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Hello! My name is Tia Stout and I am the lady behind the lens at Tia Stout Photography. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 6 years and we have 3 adorable children! I grew up in Southern Utah and have no intention of leaving this beautiful place that I love!!


I first got into photography 4 years ago when my first born was a tiny baby. I had an adorable baby who would "model" for me so I always had someone to take pictures of. As my love for photography grew, I found that I loved photographing High School Seniors. They are so energetic and full of optimism and joy at this crossroads of their life.


 I love being there every step of the way with my clients. We meet beforehand and talk about outfits and locations so that everything about their pictures is in line with their personality and style.


Then during my photo sessions with my seniors we focus on laughs and smiles because I really want to capture them being themselves in the photographs. I knew I wanted to share this session of Ellie with you because of her amazing outfit choice and also because she just shines in these images. Ellie is an intelligent, outgoing, compassionate person and we had a lot of laughs during this session. We enjoyed every minute of it . So feel free to check them out and crush on her beautiful dress and super fun floppy hat!

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