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The Thing About Family and Lifestyle Photography

I have been in the family and lifestyle photography business for 8 years. But I have a Ph.D. in Archaeology and worked for over twenty years in college classrooms, consulting companies and archaeological sites. In 2007 I even wrote a book on the archaeology of slavery in the north, based on my excavations outside of Boston.  So I’m a scientist. But as an anthropologist, author and teacher, I also like to tell people that while I might have put down my shovel and picked up my camera, I'm doing the same thing either way - watching people and telling stories.  

I also do business and branding work, but I got my start in family photography – because that’s what I had myself at home.

family photos, family photography, candid photography, lifestyle photography, kids, families Kids and families are where I started and where I always like to come back to.

One of the most common refrains I hear from parents is how their kids “didn’t behave” at "the last family shoot." My answer to that is, let the kids lead. If you do that, there’s almost no such thing as misbehaving at a photo shoot. Take a look at these sweet kids NOT doing what I asked them to. See what I mean? JUST ROLL WITH IT, MAN! You never know what treasures await.

family photos, family photography, candid photography, kids

People generally come to me to see themselves and their families in natural action, which is why one of my taglines is “Real moments in your real life.”  My clients simply "do what they do" with their families, and I either hang out or hang back and capture whatever tickles my fancy.

Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”? I have a theory that we don’t see the people we love with our eyes as much as we do with our hearts. That’s why pictures often leave so much to be desired. A camera can capture anything you look at. But does it capture what you SEE? One of the things I’m good at is capturing people the way their friends and loved ones really see them.

family photos, family photography, candid photography, lifestyle photography, families, kids Real moments in your real life.

I also love the in-between moments because that is often where your heartstrings will resonate. Nothing posed, nothing planned, you may not even know you're under my gaze. My clients often express amazement at the shots I am able to get of their lovely and chaotic families, but it is only because there is art in all that you do. You just have know how to grab it. And I do!

family photos, family photography, candid photography, lifestyle photography, families, kids In-between moments are often the sweetest. Never discount them!

Which brings me to the next point….

Do you recognize your kids in your family photos?

By which I mean not, “can you pick them out from a line-up?” but, does your heart get squishy when you look at them? Bottom line? Family photos should be dynamic, and have movement and energy because that's how real life is, and that's where our hearts reside. So loosen up, everybody, be yourselves, and the truth will always shine through.

family photos, family photography, candid photography, lifestyle photography, families, kids Know your kids in pictures!

What's your story? Because I can help you tell it. Are you from or near the NH Seacoast area? Hop on over to to book a session. Find and follow me on Instagram (@alexkachan) or Facebook (Alexandra Chan Photography) to keep up to date and see what all kinds of your fellow humans are up to. See you there!

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