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While weddings are joyous, romantic affairs, being thrust into wedding planning mode can quickly become a daunting task for those who are inexperienced.There are so many details that go into wedding planning; however, I am going to focus on three important elements in choosing a wedding photographer for your special day.

1. Choose A Photographer That Understands Your Individual Needs and Desires

I have been a film photographer focusing on wedding and newborn photography for the past 15 years and quickly learned that not all couples will want a pre-determined package. I personally meet with each couple to determine what their vision is and what their ideal package would include. I’ve heard numerous couples say they were told they needed to have an engagement session or a second photographer when this wasn’t ideally what the couple had in mind. Each couple is unique and their wedding should reflect who they are as well. When it comes to photography packages, there aren’t any universal “must haves”. Your photographer is an experienced wedding professional who should help guide you through their products and services to create the perfect package that fits your needs and values.

2. Make Sure You Mesh Well With Your Photographer

During your wedding day you will work in an intimate setting with your photographer. You are inviting them into a very important and emotional moment of your life. It is vital to make sure you are comfortable with them and that your personalities are a good match. Consultations are an important part of the process as this is the best time to get to know the photographer’s personality and their typical wedding day procedures. Photographers want to ensure they are meeting their client’s needs and expectations, therefore, asking questions is highly encouraged. When the clients and photographer are well suited, the atmosphere is relaxed and natural which helps to create beautiful, emotional portraits.

Contracts are legally binding agreements not to be taken lightly. Within the contract are detailed items that you are agreeing to with your signature. Not only reading the contract in its entirety but understanding all of the items you are agreeing to is an integral part of your wedding day. The contract will list cancellation policies, liability policies, payment schedules, and many other important policies your photographer deems vital to the success of your wedding. Your contract should also list all of the products that are to be included in your package, including the timeframe your photographer will be with you on your wedding day. Prior to signing the agreement, if you should have any questions, always make sure to ask for clarification from your photographer. Being on the same page with the photographer is essential to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and that the entire process is a friendly and pleasant one.

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