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Hi, there! My name is Sydney Marie Norberg and I am a 19 year old portrait & wedding photographer in Orlando, FL. The beginning of my freshman year of community college I decided to pick up my camera and start a little business, just to make some extra cash while attending classes. Within a couple months, I knew that it was my passion. So, I drove right into the community — looking on every photography blog I could find, meeting with local photographers to pick their creative brains, shooting every one of my friends and family members, and researching the best equipment I could get my hands on.

Fast forward a year and a half, I can not express my gratitude for the people that I have supported my passion and the countless opportunities have come my way. To me, photography is not a job. It is a community. It is a way I can serve my clients and their families. It is the one thing that brings me so much joy. As I continue to pursue my photography career, my ultimate goal is to share my story and my belief that age does not define what you can achieve. Work hard, love well, and always go over & above what is expected of you.

With that being said, I’m super excited to share this recent senior session with you for a couple reasons. First of all, I absolutely love seniors and getting to know who they are. I always enjoy asking each one about their talents and goals for their college years. Riley was a special senior for me. The session flowed so naturally & elegantly. And, it was awesome how her style & location choice matched my vision perfectly! Feel free to gush over her glasses & adorable bangs, like I did throughout our session!

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