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Sweet Dreams Baby Portraits by Karrie's Photography

Hello I’m Karrie Knowles of Karrie’s Photography and Sweet Dreams Baby Portraits out of Connecticut, USA.  Photographing babies is my favorite genre of photography. Over the years I’ve photographed over 400 babies, some as new as twenty-four hours old and each baby is different and unique.  As soon as their born you can already tell if they will be quiet and patient or sassy and spunky. It’s an amazing miracle of life that I find captivating. It has shaped my goal as a photographer to capture each baby’s distinctive personality and tell their story.

The questions I get asked the most are actually about parenting, not photography.  I myself have raised three amazing boys whom are now 17, 18, and 24 years old. I truly believe my success in parenting has to do with allowing my boys to express their individuality and assert their independence at a young age.  Each child is special in their own way and needs to be treated as such. Their individual passions and talents should be nurtured as they grow. Most importantly, the energy you give off as a parent from the moment their conceived makes a huge impact on their personality as an individual.  That’s why I love being around expecting and new parents. They have so much to offer the world through nurturing their new little baby.

My favorite photos are the serious faces portraying a babies curiosity about the intriguing world around them.  Throughout the day a baby can go through many different moods including being happy, sad, hungry, tired, cranky, and curious.  Photographing a face that only Mom sees at home and documenting it for her baby album makes me feel like I’m documenting a moment in time, history as you make it.  Documenting such moments in real time are what makes my heart happy.

Sitter Sessions are a super fun way to showcase a baby’s personality because babies are laughing and clapping at this stage.  They also love sitting in baskets and buckets and engaging with you through play.

My favorite place to photograph is outdoors especially in the gardens.  I love flowers and greenery so much and a natural setting emphasizes the vintage, romantic feel I like to bring out in my portraits.  Shooting outside also makes it fun to design the session wardrobe, props, and blankets around the colors in season at the gardens, beach, or park I'm shooting at.

This happy little sitter was all smiles in her Mama’s arms. The lighting was sensational a couple hours before sunset and the gardens were so beautiful they went perfectly with her adorable vintage outfits. I loved capturing the candid moments of her snuggling Mom and making funny faces.   Capturing connections and genuine expressions is one of my favorite things about photography. 


During this session we had so much fun wondering why this little cutie was making a funny face with her lips.  While I was editing the photos I realized Mom often made the same face. These are such precious fleeting moments and looking back on my own children’s baby albums brings me such joy.  I hope to help all of my parents feel the same sentimental joy and create their own fascinating piece of history.

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