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Sunshine & Reign Photography | Our Favorite Photographic Experience

We're Amii & Andy (Sunshine & Reign Photography). We're portrait and wedding photographers, and we're based out of Arizona, USA. And we really love what we do. So, what is that exactly? Well, to be succinct: we get to spend our work days getting to know people. We get to photograph who our clients are, and who and what they love. But it's more than that, because we get the honor of photographing what our clients love the most about those with whom they share their photographic experience. Now, how rad is that? It's pretty freakin' rad, actually!

So, let's get to it. One question people ask us fairly often is about the best photography session we've ever had ... Indeed, that's a tough question for us to answer. Why? Because we truly fall in love with each and every one of our clients. But if we had to pick just one session, and only one client lately? Then we choose Amy & Seth, and their Italian wedding at the gorgeous Masseria Potenti. And the reason? The people! Amy & Seth are amazing people, and their family and friends are some of the best humans you'll every meet.

Amy herself is a fantastic wedding photographer (and if you're into podcasts, definitely check out hers: "The Beautiful Other Side"). Their family and friends made the trip to Southern Italy, all the way down to "the heel of the boot." What was it that Rohn said? "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with ..." Something like that, right? Okay then ... The average of Amy & Seth is: ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS! Each and every person that came to Italy with them? Absolutely awesome.

In sum, we guess that's why we do what we do. That's why our photographs are as beautiful as we believe they are. The people. So now you get to scroll on ... and get a bit of a glimpse into who we are, by checking out who some of the people that we've so blessed to photograph.

And if you'd love to see more? Then we'd love for you to check out our full blog, "Amy & Seth's Destination Wedding in Manduria, Italy," and Sunshine & Reign Photography's Instagram too!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine & Reign Photography | Our Favorite Photographic Experience”

  • Katherine

    You Guys were PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I don't think she could've chosen a better dynamic duo to capture this amazing adventure we all had the pleasure of going on together! The way you guy took the time to really get to know us and our relationship with Amy & Seth was just so genuine. Thank you guys for capturing one of the best experiences we will always treasure!

  • Amii & Andy

    Thank you so much, Katherine! That means so much to us!

  • Ivy mellow

    As Amy’s sister I figured this was the what you did for them, I loved the detail, YOUR PERSONALITIES!! Your warmth and love... I quickly learned you didn’t just do this for any and Seth but this is your genuine love for all your clients!!! Thank you for being amazing!!!

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