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SueEllen Photography - Montana Weddings and Portraits

Hi!! I'm SueEllen, and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer, based in Missoula Montana! I travel across a lot of North West Montana, Idaho and sometimes Washington for shoots, and am always open to new places and ideas! :)


After spending my childhood and early teenage years in the Amish lifestyle, I decided I wanted more freedom in my artistic expression, and left when I was 16. I picked up a camera within a year or two, and started experimenting with photos and light as a little hobby on the side.


It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I decided to take it to the next level and build a business with what I loved to do.

Now, settled in with the mountain ranges and big skies of Montana, I've found the perfect backdrop for the beautiful people I work with!

The photos here are from first wedding of 2016, and the most wonderful couple I've had the honor to work with, Angel and Logan.


Although I'm relatively new to wedding photography, (and still young at 24), I felt right at home in the craziness of all the wedding prep. Angel had the calmest demeanor, and it all went so smoothly!

We shot in the international airport of Great Falls, MT! I had never shot in an airport before, and it was fantastic! The weather had taken a bad turn and we were stuck indoors, but we found a lot of beautiful spaces hidden away from the people and loud noises that come with an airport.


I believe that the bride and groom deserve perfectly captured photos of every moment of their day, not just a few great ones here and there. There should be the same excellence in the small details, and the non-posed documented photos, as there is in the posed portrait sessions.

It is my goal to maintain that level of excellence in every single shot I take and give!


Contact me for a consultation, or to grab a cup of coffee and talk about why Montana is the best place in the world to get married! :)

You can find more on my Website, Facebook, or Instagram!

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