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Studio 616 Photography - Phoenix, AZ

Studio 616 Photography - Phoenix, AZ

I’d like to share a bit on how Studio 616 Photography came to be...  I had been a (part-time) portrait photographer for 10 years or so when I met my husband (who was also a photographer). At that time, I was taking small jobs as a photographer, working a full time job with the AZ state government and dreaming quietly that I would someday be working photography full time. My future hubby (Johnny) asked me out on our first date on June 16th  and exactly 1 year later we married that same date.  That’s how Studio 616  photography came to be, we named it after our favorite date… June 16th.

After partnering up, we put into practice the philosophy “With wedding photography, every single moment counts”. We want the bride and groom to look at  their wedding photos and smile, laugh or even cry. Re-live the emotion felt at the exact time we captured each moment.


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People ask us all the time, how we do it. How do we live and work together? To be honest, I never really thought about how we do it… it just works.  We both love photography, love our clients and love working for ourselves. He is the old school technical (and funny) one and I am the lost in the moment (fun loving) butterfly.  We truly love our time together, we couldn’t ask for anything more!

We also have slightly different style when it comes to photography. Johnny loves modifying light to creating dramatically beautiful images and amazing sunsets. I love natural light, a bride near a sun lit window makes me smile.  Our dream is to travel with our business  for as long as we can, creating wedding stories around the world. Commit… Plan… Succeed!

When it comes to our favorite wedding, when it's all said and done, we really love them all.  But there are times when a wedding is so special and so beautiful that it leaves you feeling amazing and super grateful. All you can think of is... “this is exactly why I do this”. Josh and Stephanie’s day was one of those special weddings. It was a combination of peace, beauty and lots of love. Plus Stephanie’s flair for details made this small wedding seem like a million dollar event.  Enjoy the images of that perfect day!


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