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Storytelling in wedding photography with 147Photos

Documentary photography: A different kind of wedding photography

Photography took me completely by surprise. When I discovered this art form, I was working for an e-commerce social enterprise and completing a digital marketing certificate which included a class in photography. I borrowed my brother-in-law’s entry-level Nikon and went to my class thinking nothing of it. And then, it happened; I took my first photo and immediately fell in love with the medium.

Photography was a weekend hobby for a while until it slowly started to become an all-consuming obsession. During this time, I quickly discovered my own style which eventually led me to become who I am today; a wedding and family documentary photographer.

Photography is about love and empathy

I was born and raised in France until I moved to San Diego to finish my bachelor’s degree but I have lived in several countries on several continents for the past 20 years and that has influenced my identity as a photographer. Living in different countries other than your own forces you to open yourself, to be receptive to others and to their culture if you want to be able to integrate the local culture. Traveling makes you compassionate and empathic. That’s why, as a photographer, I naturally gravitate towards people storytelling and there is no more compelling story than a wedding.


The importance of photojournalism in my work

When I started in photography, I was really looking to push my skills and to adopt a style I could definitely call my own. I needed to find spiritual mentors and artists to look up to. That’s how I found my way to the French and American master photographers that focused on telling human stories. Artists like Henri Cartier Bresson, Mary Ellen Mark, Alex Webb and Robert Frank among many others fascinated me and pushed me to get better. I was struck by their abilities to tell complex beautiful stories by being at the right place at the right time. The crossing between storytelling, art, beauty, and photojournalism was exactly what I was looking for. Just like them, I wanted to photograph real and honest moments of truth and beauty in my work. And since I have always loved weddings, I naturally found my way to combine the two together.


Lorenzo and Maria

That’s why I love so much the wedding of Lorenzo and Maria. As a wedding documentary photographer, I was able to tell their story in a very natural way that truly said something real and honest about their relationship. They were there to be themselves, to enjoy their day… and I was there to record it.

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