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Poppy Seed Weddings and Portraits | Sunrise Engagement Session

Hey y'all! My name is Elisabeth Zook and I'm a photographer with Poppy Seed Weddings and Portraits in the Bay Area of California. I've been a professional photographer for about 5 years now but it's been a love and hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. My husband John has really been the biggest influence on me. When we first started dating he gave me my first DSLR, a canon rebel.He taught, and encouraged me to pursue my passion for photography everyday. From there on we shot together all the time and eventually started our own company. South Shore Productions was established last year when John and I started to collaborate with two of our friends Julie and Chance Forman.

John and I are the lead photographers and usually go on photo shoots together. We work very well together and bounce off each other creatively when working on location. I think back on all of the work we've done throughout the years, and although I'm proud of everything we've shot, my favorite session has to be Meredith and Jonathan's sunrise engagement session. I just love this couple! I can't always convince people to get up that early but Meredith and Jonathan are always up for an adventure so they didn't even need any. I'm sure glad they did too cause there is always something so special about that first morning light.


Another reason I love this session is that I feel like it represents our style perfectly. We always try to get to know our clients so we can visually tell their story and not just snap pictures. We want each image to represent them as individuals and as a couple. And I feel like we really did that for them.


As I stated before, Meredith and Jonathan love adventure. They spend a lot of time together exploring new places, eating great food, and just enjoying being in each others presence. They really are the true definition of best friends and soul mates.

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They will officially tie the knot on November 5th, 2016 and if the wedding is as half as fun as they are we are in for a great time!

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