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Showering the Parents-to-Be with love

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Todays modern age, Baby Showers are not just a woman only social event anymore. Liven up the excitement of welcoming the new addition with a co-ed baby shower to celebrate the parents to be! Not only is this a great way to welcome the new addition but will help prep the parent(s) to be!

We are here to help walk you though the ins and outs of hosting and attending a baby shower. From baby stationery suggestions to tips on hosting a shower, we‰'ve got you covered. Not only will the event be a joyous occasion for the honoree, but it will be fun and worry free for the host(s) as well!

Host Shower Planning and Guest list

It used to be the etiquette that parents-to-be should not host their own baby shower. Family, close friends or even co-workers would throw a baby shower for their loved ones. Nowadays some parents to be choose to throw their own baby shower, or they do this together with their family and close friends.

Most showers are hosted prior to the baby‰'s due date, about 4-6 weeks before.

It‰'s best to check in with the parents to be to see what their schedule permits for a date and if there are any special guests who need to be in attendance such as parents, grandparents siblings etc. As host of the shower, you can limit the guest to close family and friends depending on the location and how many people it may accommodate. Once you have a date set, you can start working on the invitations.

What to include on a baby shower invitation

Baby shower invites should be sent out at least three weeks in advance using the guest list you‰'ve worked on with the parents to be. Baby shower invitation wording can be written from a cute rhyme to a simple invitation for a baby shower. Regardless of the form, be sure to include the following information for your guests:

Date &Time: Sunday, the twenty-eighth of July or July 28th

Location: address and or map/directions

The expecting mother or couple's name

Name of host(s)/hostess(es) & RSVP information

Registry information

chevron birth announcements

Other tips for hosting a Baby Shower

Plan a Theme party: This will be helpful and fun for you and your guests to center the party around a particular color, pattern or decor. Use bright colors for the decor either it be with the use of flowers or a desert station as a focal point, the thoughtfulness will be shown.

Plan your Menu: As host make sure to feed your guests, especially the guest of honor. Select foods that are easy to eat such as salads, sandwiches‰, vegetable dips etc. or even a favorite dish of the celebrant. Having a set menu that is easy to prepare will help you to avoid last minute stressors.

Plan something interactive: Keep your guests occupied with shower games, crafts for the parents to be, advice cards. Better yet, provide a prize for the winner of each game!

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So, whether you are hosting the shower for the mom to be, the dad to be or the parents to be, remember that this can be a fun and a momentous occasions not only them but for their wonderful friend as well!

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