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Well hello, I am Shay, (the owner of Shay Bass Photography) , a photographer based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I get the blessings of working with AWESOME and unique individuals for boudoir and family photography. Most of the time I drink my coffee and daydream by day and shoot by night. That is exactly how my big day started when I traveled across states with this beautiful and oh so whimsical family.

With every session I take on, my goal is to shoot the personalities and differences of each lovely family. Every family has a story to tell and it is up to me to bring out that story through my Sigma Art lens (by far my favourite to capture breathtaking images with).

The Makely family allowed me tag along with them to Arkansas to visit this breathtaking church that we found out is still used today. Not only did it have an intimate church but it also had a beautiful small pond for viewing and benches to relax on. We took advantage of all the details the church sight had to offer. It definitely made this session one of my favourite and most memorable sessions yet.

You can follow along, or see more of this session HERE

This wasn't the first time shooting with the Makelys. Ive worked with them during the winter last year when they allowed me to use them as models in the snow. When we shot in the snow they didn't have the new addition to family, Bohdi. Bohdi was born only a month or so before this session took place. They wanted to have family portraits taken but of course they wanted Bohdi to be apart of it. I am so happy they waited because the session wouldn't have been the same without him. He was the sweetest little thing and honestly so relaxed the whole time. That amazed me!

When planning this session MONTHS before hand I barely had lifted a finger! They new exactly what they wanted, they knew the location, they knew the feel and look they were going for and I only had to help a tad bit with colour schemes and posing. Honestly, they were perfect and they knew exactly what to do. It honestly felt like a dream.

The goal for me during any family session is to not worry so much about the posing but the natural life of every individual. This meant I would allow Sparrow (their first born) to roam around the area and capture his life as he played, smiled, and explored! He did a lot of exploring the day of so it was perfect.

It was also very important for me to capture the details. Honestly, that was my favourite part. Capturing the clothing they wore, the church they posed by and the sweet little hands of an infant.

The best moment for me was when I had the chance to see the teamwork from mother and father. They helped each other as they prepared to put Bohdi in the baby wrap. I just knew I had to capture every little thing in that moment. Seeing a mother and father working together is so important to me and honestly, in my opinion it shows the love they cherish. A helping hand is a sign of true love.

Of course during this time Sparrow was playing with the doors of the church and running around indoors exploring the intricate details of the church. It was so fun to watch him do this.

It was great to capture them but the best part was the car ride back. Deep discussions arised, food was bought and laughs were heard and friends were made. Friendship is what you make it and sometimes the best friends start off as clients. I did learn that this would be their last family session for some time since they have big things happing in their future. So, the idea that they chose me to capture the last little moments here in Oklahoma made me oh so warm inside.

Sure the drive was long, but would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

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