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Shadi Ameri Photography


Hello and thank you for visiting my Profile,

I am a portrait photographer. Beauty has always inspired me. My purpose was not to be a photographer. My purpose was to transform people with my photography. A portrait is so many things more than just a photograph of you. It's a celebration of who you are, a discovery and a legacy. I feel like when I put a camera up your inner soul comes forward. I also see everything you don't like about yourself, your confidence, how you hold yourself, how you feel about your body. My purpose was that if I can show you how beautiful you are and that's not the outside It's the inside and there's a strange connection when you look good you feel good. When you feel good you look good and that moment is priceless and I love doing it. I see tears , I see people realize their true beauty. It's a gift. Shadi Ameri

My passion is to give you a celebrity experience that is transformative, life changing and addictive that you want to come back every year to experience the ultimate beauty and elegance experience.

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