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Sarah Rivera Photography • Los Angeles, London


As Sarah Rivera Photography, I have been shooting professionally for 10 years and documenting love for 7 years. I am originally based out of Southern California and have recently moved to London, UK. I would say my style as a photographer is using light to document truth. I prefer nothing to be forced but instead I desire to see true feelings of love shine through every photograph. Whether it’s engagement photos or the wedding day itself, I like to give each couple a moment to feel the love they have for each other. For example, as the time comes at a wedding to shoot the couple's photos, I tell them they may have a few minutes to be alone and bask the fact that they've officially become husband and wife. Then I walk away and leave them to it. This can sometimes be the only opportunity the couple has within the hectic wedding day to breath, relax and talk to each other privately. Photographing them becomes easier because after their time together they are always filled with joy. This moment alone usually takes their mind away from the day, their guests and even the camera and ultimately moves their thoughts toward the love they have for each other.


I specialize in genuine photographs. I am a natural light photographer and use the sun to my advantage, I guess you can say I like to let the sun do what it does best. With a photo-journalistic perspective I see moments. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, I believe more in the opposite: that one photo will never tell you enough. There are so many moments in a day to be captured and so much love can be expressed from a single individual. There is a natural richness to life I cannot contrive, but I can document it. Organic relationships, wonderful circumstance, sunlight. All these speak for themselves. With care, I present them in a new traditional way.


I have chosen to share an engagement shoot from 2012. It’s not a recent shoot but it has always been one of my favorites. The location is set in the mountains and back hills of Malibu, CA. Devin and Tamara were a fun-loving and peaceful couple. I feel the photos capture their love for adventure as well as their intellectual and romantic personalities. We started at a small creek and made our way to a famously hidden tree off of a hiking trail in Malibu. Our arrival to the location was perfectly timed for the setting sun. Golden hour had never looked so beautiful. I love this shoot because it seems the couple has the world to themselves and yet we the viewers are peering into their precious experience, like their feeling of bliss will last forever.


Sarah Rivera Photography

Los Angeles, CA & London, UK


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