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San Francisco Photographer Captures the Wedding Spirit

"You may now kiss the groom." And boy, did she!

Clearly, as a bride-to-be, you have many choices among the area's capable wedding photographers. I joke that there’s probably more wedding photographers around here than there are brides! While that may be an exaggeration, it’s vitally important that you find one whose photographic style inspires you.

For the significant money you will be investing, you want images that not only show what your wedding looked like but those that will vividly remind you of what it felt like to be there. Even years from now.

Bride and Groom see only each other, not the photographer.

"You're mine now!" Bride embraces her new husband on their First Dance.

What does that mean?

Documentary photography is merely a starting point. You want photos - a great many of them - that tell your wedding story with feelings.

Your day will be filled with emotions -- joy, passion, anxiety, and mostly love. Photos that reveal those inner feelings - the spirit - of the subjects are priceless. These emotion revealing photos are powerful testaments to that moment. And the makings of lifetime memories.

Family embraces during an emotional blessing.

How do you do that?

My work combines a news photographer’s responsiveness for action, an artist’s aesthetic for light and composition and the insight to capture the emotions around me. I call my style “romantic photojournalism”. In short - vision plus anticipation.

Toddlers flit across the dance floor as adults don't even notice.

What does that look like?

• A nervous bride's last-minute adjustments with her bridesmaids.

Last minute veil adjustments for this nervous bride.

• The couple lost in each other’s gaze.

A "private moment" in front of witnesses.

• An emotional father says "good-bye" to his daughter.

Dad embraces his daughter in a heartfelt father-daughter dance.

• A bride wipes back her tears.

Bride's emotions cannot be contained.

• The heart-warming reactions of the littlest in attendance.

Young flower girl watches intently as the wedding ceremony takes place.

Young boy whispers something shocking to his baby sister at the reception. A moment unseen by anyone, except the photographer.

• The emotional and exuberant dances of the just-married couple.

Couple's love on the dance floor.

Bride and Groom dance the night away.

... and so much more! There are thousands of moments of spirit like these in every wedding. Instances you might not even be aware of when they happen. You want a photographer whose instincts and experience will capture them for you.

The bride can't quite hold back her tears of joy as she gazes at her new husband.

Your photographer only gets one chance to get it. Choose wisely.

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