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Samantha Short Photography | {Baby Eliza Faith}

Hey y'all! My name is Samantha and I am a {very} small town photographer out of the mid Willamette Valley in Oregon. I am a Jesus lover, a wife, a mother and a photographer. As a kid I remember running around my tiny home town taking pictures with my parents film Canon Rebel. That sparked my love for photography. It was an adventure finding beautiful things to capture, that with a picture, I could remember forever.

Fast forward a decade later {A decade sounds like forever ago} I purchased my first DSLR and began training myself. I practiced on my husband, my children, my friends and my family. I photographed kids, couples, seniors, families, babies and weddings. After my second child I began to realize just how quickly that teeny, squishy baby becomes a big rambunctious toddler.

That did it.

I could hardly remember those sweet baby faces and my two daughters were totally different kids. I was determined to beautifully capture babies {all the babies!!} in their teeniest forms {plus who doesn't like the snuggles?}.

IMG_0008bwIMG_0003 IMG_0017

Now as a mother of 4 kids in 5 years {I told my husband that it's a hazard of my job} , I've learned one very true thing:

They may be tiny but they are fierce.

I think sometimes people under estimate the power that babies have. It takes instinct, practice, gentleness & God given patience {and the complete and total acceptance that you WILL be peed and pooped on} to work with these tiny people.

I work out of a small studio in my home and while I love the beauty of natural light, temperamental Oregon days make natural light unreliable. So, I took the plunge and began using a strobe light. Hands down it is best business decision I've made. My studio light gives me a consistent, soft creamy light that makes those tiny faces even sweeter.

I consider my photography style to be a soft organic style. I love timeless neutral monochromatic colors that will go with the decor in any home.  But as you can see from Eliza's session, I also love pops of color!

IMG_9852 IMG_9859 IMG_9869 IMG_9899 IMG_9834

My goal is to get to know my clients, build a friendship and create & capture memories that they will cherish forever. It wasn't until I became a mother that I truly believed how quickly babies change and grow {and that is even more true the more children you have}.  Photography is an important investment that you will always cherish. I not only want to provide my clients with beautifully timeless images, but I also want to provide them with an experience they will LOVE and memories they will never forget!

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This was my favorite session to date, because Eliza is my best friends 3rd baby girl. Working with her was so special! It blesses me to bless my friends. I spent time with a dear friend and while I snuggled Eliza

{and resisted the baby fever}.

She is just 2 1/2 months younger than my little one, it confirmed what I already knew;

Every baby is a gift.

Time is fleeting.

Memories are priceless.

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