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Rustic Wedding | Allie Beckley Photography

ABPBIBlog_17 Hi there! My name is Allie and I am a wedding photographer located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I’m most at peace outdoors, surrounded by nature and sunlight, and love traveling; all of which I think have helped shape my photographic style. Aesthetically I am always drawn towards soft light and natural earth tone colors and utilize as much of that as possible in my work, which seems to mesh perfectly with my preference for the capturing “real” moments. Being an introvert, I have really found my groove in capturing candid, natural moments and interactions over the technically beautiful, posed ones. Over the past six years I’ve found that the photographs of those soft touches, loving glances, and sweet smiles that come only from natural interaction are the ones that I end up loving the most.

I think the most important feature to creating a personal, unique wedding, more so than the perfect venue or the designer gown, is the details. Even with the smallest budget a couple can transform a seemingly ordinary space into something beautiful and, most importantly, genuinely “them”. It’s amazing to me how a venue can look one way during one wedding and then become almost unrecognizable with a new vision and a change in the little details.

Those details are why this rustic wedding is one of my all time favorites. When most people think of Chincoteague Island they envision sandy beaches and horses, but this local couple went beyond the surface level beauty of the island and created a stunning event that showcased both their personalities and the personality of the town they call home. Sourcing everything possible locally (even cutting flowers from the Groom’s mother’s garden to be incorporated into the bouquets), no detail was overlooked and it paid off by creating an absolutely magical, absolutely “them” evening. Nothing is more beautiful to photograph than a couple completely in love and in their own element.

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