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RL Photography by Rachael Lynn: Weddings and Portraits

I grew up having an interest in art – it was always something I was fairly good at but never gave it much attention. I went off to college to play ball, having never picked up a camera for any kind of serious adventure. A few injuries later, I found myself declaring an art major, holding a camera and loving nothing more than expressing the personality of others and our world through the art of photography. It’s such a pure medium – you bring out the already existing beauty as it’s literally a series of direct reflections recorded to preserve memories. But to photograph, and photograph well, you must learn how to bring as much of the natural beauty out as possible. That’s where the art comes in. Weddings are such a great place to reveal splendor and romance – not only do I capture beautiful gowns, gorgeous women and handsome men, I capture the love and affection of the couple, their friends and family. I pride myself, my photography and my business on photographing from a unique perspective, using creative tones and energy to erupt a fresh view of my clients’ personalities on their special day.


There are many moments in a photographer’s career that you feel like you have made a large leap of success. It can be your first solo shoot, your first wedding, or maybe after editing you just have this overwhelming feeling that you just “won life.” For me, this wedding was one I felt that I was winning from the very moment I hung up the phone after booking. I specifically remember setting down my phone and breaking out in a Meredith and Christina-esque solo dance party. I had gone to college with the bride, where we became sorority sisters – I knew I was going to be shooting gorgeous people, stunning venues, and a lively atmosphere. Little did I know they would knock my socks off with their undying love and adorable chemistry.


Upon arriving the morning of the wedding, I was already ecstatic for the day. The bridal party was getting ready at her parent’s house (which was also the reception venue) and I was in awe of everything she had pulled together on her own. What kind of bride is also her florist? – an exceptional one. Everything was coming together as if her parent’s backyard was a magical land out of a Disney movie.


The church was a small, quaint, and delightful chapel a couple blocks from their home. It seated no more than a couple hundred and was the perfect intimate setting for close friends and family. You hear about fairy tale endings and this was seriously “goals.” They exited the ceremony through a path of bubbles and into a corvette.

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The reception was exceptional. The lights hung like an enchanted garden, the GORGEOUS tables set up as if she had been a professional florist for 40 years, and the atmosphere was oh so joyous. The bride danced with her grandfather and the groom with his grandmother – one of the loveliest things I’ve seen. The entire day was full of pure love – something everyone dreams of.


So much adoration for this couple, one of the many reasons why I love what I do.

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