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Photographing Emotion by Reverie Photography in River Falls, WI

Hello world! My name is Rachel Paulus and I’m the photographer for Reverie Photography based in the beautiful town of River Falls, WI. I’ve had a love and interest for photography since I was young. One of my earliest memories with “taking pictures” was when I was around 10 years old with my parent’s 35mm point and shoot. My mom had specifically told me not to touch the camera, but I couldn’t help myself! My baby brother was just so cute with the santa hat on his head! So I took some pictures. When my mom got the film developed I remember her laughing and saying how cute the pictures were. I felt pride…and relief at not getting into trouble!

Fast forward to now, I’m fulfilling my dream of being a photographer. I strive for emotionally impactful photography, that’s my “style”. I feel a great amount of joy when photographing my clients!  My sessions typically range anywhere from 45 minutes - 2.5 hours. The younger the family is, the more time I spend with them. I prefer to spend more time because my goal goes beyond getting people to smile. I love familial relationships, so I work to to pull genuine reaction, and the person out. It’s an especially fantastic experience with young families. Young kids are so uninhibited and when parents let go of being rigidly perfect for their pictures, magic inevitably happens. I strive for light, beauty, spontaneity and happiness in my images because there is so much darkness in our world that a visual reminder of what brings us joy is like a lifeline. To wake every morning and see that visual reminder on the wall can be a beautiful and uplifting experience.

For me a “session” doesn’t really have closure until my client sees their images and falls in love with what they see. I know I’ve done my job when someone says that I’ve captured their child’s personality perfectly. It’s magic to my ears when a client tells me they were moved to tears when they saw their images.

The session I’m including here is one of my favorites from this past season. It was a December session, and it was chilly. (Fortunately late fall was kinder this past year so being on location wasn't so miserable as it could’ve been!) The sweet relationship of this family and of these three sisters are endearing. I loved their free spirited play and affection for one another. While siblings may not always get along splendidly (I speak from personal experience being one of nine children and having three children of my own), there are the moments of beauty that are like small treasures held in my heart which at times causes a bittersweet ache. Bitter because the time has passed, sweet because of the joy recalled. For me, this is why my work is important, this is why I strive to create images that remind us of why we love.

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