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I have always been an artsy person dabbling in drawing, teaching myself to play the piano, & becoming a photographer. I my started off my journey as a photographer in high school when my grandmother who I called Nanny, had passed away of Ovarian Cancer. I had inherited her film camera that she loved so much & she took it EVERYWHERE! The love she had for photography was passed down to me & I became interested in the simple things that beginner photographers do, you know, the every tiny detail subject to snap a photo at. I loved the film camera but wanted something modern & fresh so in 2010 I bought my first DSLR & all the bells & whistles to go with it.

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Then in 2011 I opened my business. There came a passion in me that needed to know so much more. I wanted to be better with each image. I finally started becoming the photographer I wanted to be but my motto is, never stop learning! I am still growing & learning new things, always surprising myself with each new technique.


This has to be one of my favorite sessions I have done so far. I took this shoot at a nearby state park with the sweetest 3 year old! Her name is Faith & she herself is a walking miracle.


Her mother & I had a wonderful time chat chitting & told me she has a rare blood type (AB+) which makes things very difficult to become pregnant, much less stay pregnant, while they had decided to add to their family. Luckily, she succeeded although the doctors tried telling her it’s just not working out, even trying to suggest an early birth. This sweet mom held through until the end & gave birth to Faith who had a few complications but overcame that as well. So to me this session was more like a celebration of life! Being thankful for Faith turning three & being here today.


I love connecting with my clients & hearing their stories that have made them who they are & I hope to create an image that will help tell that as well.

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