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Bunting Flags - Free DIY Printable Template

Alphabet bunting flags are a perfect wall decoration for any party or celebration, such as a birthday party, graduation party, wedding related parties and baby showers. Available in the colors Red and Blue, these Bunting Flag Printables let you say anything you want, for example: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WELCOME, PARTY, BABY SHOWER, etc.

party bunting flagsbunting party flags

Its easy to create these ready to print bunting flags:‰

1. Download the PDF template in red or blue and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

2. Print the flags on 8.5 x 11 Cardstock. You can use flat or textured cardstock, blank or colored cardstock.

3. Cut out each flag carefully using scissors or X-Acto knife. ‰

4. Punch a hole on both corners of the flag. ‰

5. Thread pretty ribbon, twine or yarn through the holes.

Have fun with this project. If you have any photos of the bunting flags you created with these templates, we'd love to see them!

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