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Photography at San Francisco City Hall

I consider myself extremely lucky as part of my "work" to shoot at magnificent San Francisco City Hall.  There are so many beautiful spots to shoot at the City Hall that one can never get tired of the same location.  And every couple brings their own uniqueness that changes how the same space can be viewed.

I came from musical background always having certain visual to a song, an image put to a melody in my head.  Sometimes it was a combination of colors.  I like songs that have dynamics, that build and develop, that move you because they are real emotions.  I tried to get that with my couples I photograph.  Being at a great location helps to create often times majestic mood, but I like to go through different emotions with my couples. Often times, all I have is 30 minutes to an hour, including the ceremony.  So getting to know them to the point where they are comfortable with you, can be themselves, and trust you completely is like a speed date.  You only have little time to impress them and to become their friend.

This is one of my favorite sessions because the couple brought so much personality and chemistry and didn't hold back.  They were themselves - fun, energetic, goofy, with teary eyes at times. We moved quickly and efficiently through all four floors of the city hall, getting emotional close ups and large scale wide shots.  Here is a sample of some of that.

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