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Photographs by Cheri: Southern Idaho Photographer


Photographs by Cheri: Idaho Portrait Photographer

Hello! My name is Cheri Bourne. I was raised in my small Idaho farming town, and I love it. I primarily am a natural light photographer, proudly serving the Southern Idaho and Utah community.

As well as being a photographer, I am also a 2nd grade teacher.  I enjoy working with people and learning their stories. Because of that, I love portrait photography. I love being able to see people the lens of their dreams, and their possibilities. I love watching their eyes light up, or catching that fleeting moment where you see someone for who they truly are. Photography is so amazing in it's ability to capture just one moment in our lives, and making it seem like it will last forever.

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in photography and business in 2014, and have had so many adventures so far. It's almost impossible to choose a "favorite" session, so I think I'll just share a few of my favorite moments with you from several.

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COMPANY: Photographs by Cheri


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