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Photo Save the Dates with Max Wanger

Today we could‰n't be more excited to share our latest Photo Save the Date collaboration with photographer Max Wanger. Here at Love vs Design we‰'re huge fans of his work, especially his signature photos with lots of negative space. A few months ago we connected with Max to brainstorm about a way to collaborate, using his unique photos and creating Wedding Save the Dates around them.

After several weeks of designing, we came up with 16 clean, simple yet elegant Photo Save the Dates. Customers can use their own photo in these designs, which are available in 5 x 7 cards with backings and 4 x 6 Postcards.

Max Wanger was born and raised in Los Angeles, Honolulu, Berkeley and the here and there of Tokyo. He currently resides in Echo Park, CA with his lovely wife, Margaux, his 2 cats and dog.

Here are a few things we wanted to find out about him:

What‰'s the top secret formula to your signature photos with lots of negative space? A good wide angle lens and an eye for composition.

What is the dynamic when shooting photos with your wife Margaux? Do you both focus on shooting different things, like one person shoots details, the other overall interaction or do you mix things up? We‰Ûªve learned to feed off each other really well. We kind of stay out of each other‰Ûªs way and just by eye contact we can pretty much communicate where to be or what to do. We shoot the same things primarily but with different lenses and perspectives. It‰Ûªs nice to have a variety of images to deliver.

How did you get into photography? What sparked your interest in becoming a wedding photographer? I've been taking photographs since I was 7 years old. It‰'s something I‰'ve always loved doing. I don‰'t necessarily think of myself as a wedding photographer, rather, a photographer who happens to shoot weddings. When I first started shooting, I saw that there were only a handful of photographers who were doing things differently, who were thinking outside the box. I thought if I could photograph weddings the way I saw them in my head and take more of an editorial approach, it might be worth doing. The most important thing was attracting the right clientele, people who shared a similar point of view.

What do you love the most about your job? The part I love the most about this job is being able to travel around the world and getting to meet so many amazing people.

How would you describe your photography style? Has it changed much over the years? Whimsical, off-beat, romantic. I've tried to keep it mostly the same over the years, if anything, my approach to processing has become simpler and cleaner.

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What is one thing you are still learning to do? I learn something every time I pick up a camera. That‰'s the beauty of photography, it‰'s a constant learning experience.

Do you have any current favorite photographers or artists who may have influenced you to become the artist that you are? There are many people who have influenced me and continue to influence me, but here are a few off the top of my head: Tim Walker, Rodney Smith, Paolo Pellegrin, Anna Wolf.

Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph that you haven‰'t yet? Bill Murray, Zooey Deschanel, Adele.

Where are your favorite locations to shoot and why? Hawaii is hard to beat. I also love shooting in Tokyo and New York. The energy and vibrancy in those cities is unmatched.

What was it about Love vs Design that made you decide to collaborate with us? The look, the feel, the fact that you were trying to do stand out and do your own thing.

You‰'ve been involved in many weddings. As a photographer, do you have any advice to future brides and grooms? Let go -- specifically on the day of your wedding. Try to take everything in and enjoy it. Forget about all the little details. It goes by so fast, you want to make sure you soak it all in. And don‰Ûªt lose track of each other over the course of the night. The last thing you want to do is spend your wedding night separated and apart.

Do you have anything exciting coming up? Lots of travel, a new wedding brand and hopefully a little bit of sleep (an exciting prospect!)

Enjoy 3 free samples with promo code: lvd3samples. All 16 designs can be found in the Photo Save the Date catalog and Postcard Save the Date catalog.

Max has shot so many fun projects, so make sure to check out his site

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