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Petaluma Sunset Sessions with Katie Rain Photography

My photography has always reflected my personality: loving, honest, simple, and sweet. For the past six years of my business, that is what I have delivered to my clients and everything was going great! But this year, I felt a shift. I wanted to get messier and show more shadows. I wanted more authentic interactions between the family members and I wanted to try something different. My lovely friend Britt and her family agreed to come play with my at the top of a beautiful hill in Petaluma California. We arrived about 1 hour before sunset and hiked up to the tippy top. I like to give general directions during my photoshoots and then just let the interactions happen naturally.

I know that moms are typically the ones behind the camera, so I always make it a point to get a handful of great images with just mom and kids. They can be simple to take, since mamas always love kissing and cuddling their babies!

You will never hear me say "cheese" during a photo session. Toddlers just want to play and have fun, so I would much rather document that! She was wearing a really cute dress, so I told her to spin and show me how it twirls. Getting a genuine smile is always my goal!

For family sessions, I always carry two cameras with me so I can quickly change between a wide lens and a portrait lens. For this session, I used the 24-70 and the 85.

I had a great time exploring this new location and I can't wait to photograph more families there. Thanks for reading!

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