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Peony Photography LLC

Hi, I'm Juliana-the behind the scenes of Peony Photography! I've been walking around with a camera for 70% of my life. At a young age, I used my chore money to buy my first point-and-shoot camera. Eventually, I assisted my mom in photography as a teenager with my first dslr. I was in my senior year of high school when I was asked to photograph my first wedding for a family friend. After that, I was hooked on weddings!

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I went to school for Marketing and Graphic Design, but eventually realized that I just wanted to do what I love. I knew that the excitement in wedding photography would never die down, it's always growing. On some days, I get to use gorgeous natural light. On other days, I teach myself to be creative with studio lights. Each wedding and engagement session is a new learning experience and each couple is so unique.

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I chose to feature this particular engagement session because, well, look at it! I have the unbelievable privilege of being born and raised in South Louisiana. There are beautiful plantations with 400 year old oak trees and the French Quarter with historic architecture, all within an hour from where I live! My life tends to be one, big, beautiful backdrop. It's a photographer's dream! Engagement sessions are so magical because if gives the viewer a look at what a couple who is in love looks like, even before the wedding day.

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There are not enough words to describe how amazing this couple is! They are soft-spoken, but oh so sweet! Their love was apparent with every shot. I also love when my grooms just go with the flow and listen to all of our Pinterest ideas. Sometimes, they have ideas of their own! This session meant so much because it was on family owned property. Instead of choosing a random place to take pictures, they chose a place dear to their hearts..and I got to shoot a new location which is always fun! From the old barn to the family owned business, there was a photo opportunity around every corner!

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While I'm still learning more and more everyday, photography has not only become a job for me, but instead a lifestyle and passion. I can't wait to see where this career takes me. I live to capture moments that make my clients laugh, cry, and appreciate their life and love for one another. I know my photography has affected my own life in this way and I wouldn't change it for the world!

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  • Susan Verdun

    Your photography always captures more than an in the moment shot. They each bring to life the personality and uniqueness of each couple! They are cherished moments of their lifetime.

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