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Patrice and Ryan Maternity Shoot

"I would've never pictured this!" That's what crosses my mind after every amazing shoot. I'm Mike Stephens of Mike Camera Action Photography. I used to be Mike Stephens "music artist manager". In 2012, I was then managing an up and coming singer. Together him and I were developing his image and needed photos taken. With only a small budget to work with, we decided not to hire a professional photographer, but to work it out and shoot the pictures ourselves. So I made the investment and purchased my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3100 (the shiny red one of course haha). So with no experience whatsoever, just an idea in my head of how I wanted the pictures to look, we had our first official photoshoot. Folks let me tell you, it was for sure amateur night for this rookie photographer! But, needless to say, with shooting completely in auto mode the images came out pretty decent. I think we might be on to something.



Now I've begun striving to develop my new found love. I turned to tutorial reads, YouTube videos and plenty of practicing with my kids to sharpen my skills. Having these fun, small sessions with my family led me to sessions with friends. These friends now referred me to real paying clients, (did I forget to mention paying, lol). Now I've gotten pretty good at doing something I love while being compensated for my services. Winning!

My most memorable shoot was a maternity session with a beautiful young couple. They were expecting thier first child and requested me to shoot their maternity photos. The apparent love they shown for the baby was amazing. It was as if both mom and dad had a glow. They showed such excitement to start their new family. I considered myself so blessed to capture this special time in thier lives.


The greatest moments in life create the happiest feelings. Photographs are a small but important part of keeping these moments for years to come. I love taking pictures whether it be weddings, maternity, engagements, or graduations. Its a pleasure to be apart of something special. I will always love the music business but nothing can replace capturing a memory that will live forever.

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