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Hey there! Paige Brittany AKA Photographer in Charge here! Thanks for stopping by :) I’m super excited to be blogging about something that I’m so passionate about. I remember getting my first DLSR in 7th grade (shoutout to gramps, you’re the real MVP!), and shooting in full auto mode. God, I’m embarrassed just thinking about that. And I’d love to claim that that was the day I knew photography was going to be something for me, but in reality, it didn't happen until six years later. Once I had my daughter, that's when everything started to click for me.             

I really wanted to push myself and learn all that I could about my camera because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing as she was growing up. YouTube and photography blogs taught me a whole lot about photography and my camera, but I think I owe a lot of the credit to my little girl. She taught me about finding the right light, about snapping photos quickly to make sure I didn’t lose the shot, and how to truly be there in the moment with my clients.


All of that knowledge has amounted into something that I find truly quite beautiful, and I’m stoked to be able to share it with all of you. Throughout this post, you’ll find a few of my favorite snaps from a recent shoot I did in Yosemite. And if you’ve never been, please drop what you’re doing right now and go! GO. NOW! And also, bring me along, because I’ll always need another excuse to shoot there again.

What can you expect when you a book a shoot with me? Laughter and a fun time. I’m a playful and fun person, and I’d say it shows in my photographs. When I’m shooting and editing a couple or family, I put so much heart and time into it because I want to capture the true emotions behind the photos. I want to get the passionate moments, and all the laughs, giggles, and silly faces in between.  

Often to break the ice (because let’s face it, having your photos professionally taken can be somewhat intimidating,) I’ll tell my clients to laugh..out the most ridiculously loud/obnoxious way, because you know what, it makes them break down their otherwise nervous exteriors, and it produces the most infectious and authentic moments after. And that’s what I live for. The real moments. I’m not a posy photographer; I won’t tell you to lift your head up 10 degrees, and tilt your chin to the left and oh, also jump through a million hoops at the same time. I’ll give you some direction, but I think the real magic happens when the people I’m shooting start to connect and live in the moment.


I like adventuring, and in this shoot I ran through freezing water (literally, parts of the water were icing over!) in my white Chuck Taylors just to get to the perfect location… And I’d say it was pretty dang worth it, wouldn’t you?

Xoxo paigebrittany


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