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Photography, to us here at Old Hat Photography, is an absolute passion. It is what we love. As hobbyist photographers we love to shoot on film. Paula and I (Jacob), and our daughter Gwendalynn, shoot on a Pentax K1000 and a Ricoh Xr-7. We love the degree of skill and discipline that goes a long with film photography, and we believe this discipline carries over into the digital medium. Naturally, our lightbox of choice is from the Pentax family, the Pentax K-3 — a classic in the modern age that allows us to capture moments in high definition, with a sense of vintage style.

What we love more than photography, is people! We love that we have the opportunity to journey through life with folks, helping them to capture special moments. We want to do this in a classic style in terms of customer service and craft. And, if someone chooses — which we cannot wait for! — we will capture their moments with a vintage look, both in theme and dress.

The Matt & Cass wedding was our first big wedding shoot, so naturally we were really excited. Although the happy couple had a modern wedding, their family was everything that Old Hat stands for in terms of a family with classic values and a vintage love that will last through the ages.

Paula and I knew Matt from around the neighborhood and were good friends with the family. We got to meet his fiancé Cassandra at their engagement shoot – we immediately fell in love. We hardly had to do any posing with this couple for their engagement shoot. We simply hung out with them for a few hours and captured the love they had for each other with ease.

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Every smile was natural and sincere and every moment that we placed them in was one they had visited before. And as you can see, it was a baseball theme shoot - which was a lot of fun!! The wedding was just as effortless. Matt and Cass, and their families were so much fun and so full of love, that capturing special moments was as easy as releasing the shutter.




And this couple! I mean, come on — look how beautiful they are! It was too easy, and an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Matt & Cass union.


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So, even though we did not get to do a vintage shoot, in Old Hat style, the spirit of Old Hat was definitely present in the hearts and minds of this couple and their family and the vintage love and respect that they all had for each other.




We are located in Southern Nevada but are always happy to come and mingle with new folks in new places!! Have hat and camera -- will travel!!

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