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Nolen Ryan Photography

Everyday is truly a new day with a new adventure. There are so many different types of people I meet, so many different cultures, beliefs and personalities that make it easy for me to love doing what I do. I always knew I was not cut out for a suit and tie, 9-5 job; my mind is always running and would not allow for that!

My passion for photography was hatched from a series of experiences borrowing a childhood friends camera in my latter teen years. Whether I was shooting on the train tracks, on the beach or in urban areas, there was always something new that I was learning and some unique style that I was testing.

Nolen Ryan • Las Vegas, NV 


What sets me apart from a lot of other photographers is my absolute love for taking raw emotion and turning it into a captivating print. If you as a photographer need to tell your client how to stand and where to put their arm, it will almost always show through the image. Coaching your clients on how to let their personalities shine is vital.

There are so many exhilarating shoots I have done that it would be hard to pick only one to be my favorite. A shoot that was special to me however, was one that I did for my sister-in-law’s wedding. The day was absolutely beautiful and both the bride and groom looked stunning in their wedding attire. The mix of the elegant dress and the bouquet with the sandy Newport Beach was absolutely charming and breathtaking. It meant a lot to be able to capture those special moments for two very special people.


I love doing what I do and am honored to have received so much love and support from my family, friends and clients. My motto is, "if we aren't laughing and having fun during our shoot, then we aren't doing it right!"





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6 thoughts on “Nolen Ryan Photography”

  • Lauren

    Nolen’s work is beautiful! He takes the time to make sure that he does his best work each time. He main goal is to capture the love and joy of whom ever he’s photographing, and it shows in his work! His dedication is something I admire! His clients’ satifasticatin comes first! He is a splendid photographer who makes each shoot fun!

  • Lisa

    When I was combing through the many photographers out there, Nolen’s work was the only one that literally made me say outloud to myself, “Wow”. I am amazed at how he captures the beauty in people...not just some phony smiles people do out of habit because a camera is pointed at them, but their true beauty, both inside and out. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to work with Nolen.. What a talented, talented guy. Looking forward to more in the future!

    • nolen

      Lisa! I woke up and saw this and it made me so happy to read! I appreciate those kind words :) you guys are amazing.

  • Kym Smith

    Oh my god that dress is so beautiful, Nolen your work is absolutely gorgeous. You can see how much love any affection they have for each other.

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