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"Nicki had a Little Lamb... Little Lamb... Little Lamb...": Nicki Rutledge Photography

2018 Easter Lamb Mini Session Event

Captured on March 26th 2018 in Loganville, Georgia

This years Easter Sessions  one of my most favorite sessions captured thus far in my career!


What originally began as a two day event was quickly compacted into one full day after learning the news of rain headed our way for Sunday.  With it being the last weekend before Easter, I knew I what I had to do, and thankfully my clients were totally fine with rearranging their schedules to fit everyone into the one day photography event.



It was a perfect day for those soft pastel Easter tones and like always  I generally always set uptwo photo opportunities to be used during the sessions for a couple of different reasons.  One being it allows for larger variety of images, and the Second giving the children a new something to explore allowing for some candid images to include in their gallery. This also serves as extra time needed to introduce the baby lamb back into the scene before either him or the child looses interest.

Both sets were designed with the purpose of the set to overlook a the lake.  Thus creating a stunning background of blurred color and reflections from the water in a beautiful bokeh backdrop.  Each set was similar but unique and in some cases provided some additional background other than the lake alone.


One set included the vintage couch picked up at a yard sale a month prior at a steal for only $25! I didn't like the color, and I wasn't going to have it reupholstered for kids to jump on and ruin, so I painted it blue!

Then using smaller props I finished accenting the set with an array of flowers held together in a swag like form to add that pop of color. I also got creative one night and took a small childs  rocking chair and covered it with somevintage fabric and lace to include with a cross for a beautiful small alternate set of its own.

The second set was adorable as well and complimented with a little love for good luck! My grandmothers vintage dinner plate pattered quit adding a bit ofcolor but also providing safety for my infant clients. The set was exactly as I had imagined complete with a powered blue painted iron bicycle, which I purchased from another photographer in early December. The peddlers bicycle included a basket attached at its rear. Once again the final flower accents  were added and placed inside a watering can and the rest filled a crate labeled blooming finishing the set to complete that spring look.


I will be the shepherd to guide the lamb!


The days sessions began early at 11am and the day was overcast, and of coarse running later than expected.  Everything was  almost set when my first client arrived then around the end of the 2nd session the sun decided to pop its head out so relocated the couch to be farther down toward the lake to directly sit beneath the old shade tree and overlooking the lake.  

I don't think I stopped for a breath of air until it was over at 6pm. 

I knew the sessions would be a bit difficult for the day just for the length of time it was planned, thankfullyI brought along with me a dear friend to assist and help me include the baby lamb.  Just  the effort it took to add the lamb was an experience itself.  I have worked with horses, dogs, bunnies, and even a baby lamb once before, but never did I expect the amount of work it would include this time.  Keeping him settled and still was pretty difficult and at times I almost looked at defeat, but that is never an option.  It was not until the baby goat was let out of her pin that suddenly Chopper became the subtle baby lamb you see pictured.

Thankfully it was only at first that my Chopper decided he would be doing things his way and with his own agenda. After we began to wear him out a bit the sessions began toflow swift and smooth.  Which then it was time to play! A few of the special moments which I found breathtaking from sessions were those images of my praying children especially when sitting next to the lamb or the cross. Those images have that emotion are what my soul lives for.


Capturing the sheer innocence of a child can be a challenge, but whats even better is capturing their age and raw emotion to visually depict a moment best describes who they and what they love are the best! 


.......and before I knew it, the day was over and my work there was done.

....Until next time..  ~ Nicki Rutledge

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