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New Tradition Photography | 2018 Capturing Memories

Hi, there! We are Gene and Bree, owners of New Tradition Photography. We specialize in portrait and wedding photography with a passion for candid moments. Without our cameras, we enjoy traveling, a cup of joe, the outdoors, and watching (sometimes attending) sporting events! It's no secret, we love what we do. Capturing and sharing memories that will last a lifetime provides us with happiness and joy. To put it simply, we love, love. Experiencing the raw, emotional love that people share is one of the greatest feelings to witness.

When thinking about our most memorable photographic experience from 2018, we immediately think of Cam and Brittni's gorgeous rustic wedding. These two sweet people hold a special place in our hearts. Before their wedding, we have worked with them on three other occasions! They weren't only our clients, but our friends. Seeing these two tie the knot was such a bittersweet moment.

In June, we traveled to Laurel, Delaware to capture Cam and Brittni's wedding at the beautiful Chick Berry Farms. Their day was nothing short of amazing. It was filled with tears, laughter and love, which we were thrilled to capture throughout the day.

The location was overflowing with beautiful scenery, rustic and antique features, and large open countryside fields. No matter what the location is we strive to capture the best moments and create the best images we can, this translates into everlasting memories for the happy couple!

So go on, take a scroll. See for yourself why this was our most memorable experience from 2018. The people were phenomenal, the atmosphere filled with raw emotions and love, and the memories were captured for a lifetime.

Are you convinced? This is why we love what we do, capturing raw emotions and sharing everlasting memories! We would love to connect with you to share more experiences and even capture moments for you as well! Visit us at: Our WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram.

6 thoughts on “New Tradition Photography | 2018 Capturing Memories”

  • sarah

    Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! These make me want to get married, you did such a wonderful job, I love the beautiful lighting.

  • Corey

    These wedding photos are so beautiful! Love the sweet moments you captured - and how awesome to provide these memories for a friend. Chick Berry Farms looks amazing too!

  • Bridget

    It’s so amazing you were able to travel to Delaware to make this couple’s wedding dreams come to life. They have amazing memories, captured forever!

  • Bridget

    These two will be able to relive their wedding for years to come thanks to your beautiful images. How lucky are they that you traveled to Delaware?!

  • Twinspirational

    What a beautiful wedding. You guys are such talented wedding photographers. Love the light in that last pic.

  • Kusum

    Looks like you guys had a phenomenal 2018. It is always great to work with clients who are also friends and vice versa. All of these photos are so beautifully captured.

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