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Nashville Wedding Photographer -- Krista Lee Photography


About Krista

Hello! I am a wedding photographer in Middle Tennessee I grew up on my grandparents’ horse farm outside of Chicago and moved down to Tennessee for school. I was planning to spend my life training horses. To fill a college credit, I took a photography class. I shot a few photos of my friends, and then a few photos of my friends’ bands, and then…Needless to say, I took a grand detour from what I thought my life would be and I am so grateful. I fell in love with Tennessee (the people and the sunshine). I fell in love with photography.



My work (Krista Lee Photography) revolves around shooting families…as couples fall in love and marry and then add a little one and then another. It is such a blessing to be a welcomed into people’s lives and help them celebrate.



When I first started shooting, I was focused on light, posing and location. While those things are still important, I’ve found since the technical knowledge became second nature, I can focus more on the emotion. I'm at the point in my career, where I can relax and have fun!!



Photographs are meant to be treasured in the years to come but as a photographer, I live in the moment. I love what I am working on right now. Life is just a  tiny bit of time and I shoot that way and remind myself of that each morning when my kiddos wake me up before dawn.



Krista's Favorite Shoot

So of course, my favorite shoot is a wedding we just finished. Love the couple—aren’t they gorgeous? Love Historic Cedarwood, just outside of Nashville. I just adore all the swoon worthy details. I love the sunshine.


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