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I met the Dukes family through an event benefitting victims of Hurricane Harvey. It wasn't too long ago Harvey swept through the Gulf and claimed many lives and properties. The Children and Family Photographers (CFPH) of Houston banded together and gifted mini sessions to families that had been impacted by the hurricane during the month of November. The Dukes were one of the families assigned to my area. It felt great giving back and helping in a tangible way. Most of these families lost everything in the aftermath of the hurricane. Giving back in this seemingly small way was a huge blessing for them.

I couldn't begin to imagine what the Dukes have been through but my sincere hope is that when they look back on these images years from now, they'll fondly remember the amazing time they had during their session.

My goal during every session is to make my clients feel comfortable enough to laugh, play and for the most part pretend I'm not really there. I secretly rejoice inside when a client is able to suspend reality for a moment and partner with me to create an experience that mimics the best parts of real life.

It's probably super obvious by now but Oliver, the little cutie in the pictures, won me over immediately and made my job of capturing raw, candid moments easy! We played games and had fun the entire time.

Keeping up with the little guy was a full-time job but I'm glad I was able to grab a shot of just mom and dad together. After all, this is where their love story begins.


Based in Spring, TX, Nki Herche is a wife, mom and full-service family photographer whose secret power is photographing love and creating timeless art from those candidly gorgeous moments. You can learn more at

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