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Mylyn Wood Photography - Oregon Wedding Photographer

My father always told me that there was never an middle ground for me; I was either all in or not at all. When it comes to my love of photographs I am 100 percent ALL IN. When I was twelve I got a film camera for Christmas. It wasn't fancy, just your regular point and shoot, but man was in love. I went through roll after roll, creating what I thought to be "Vogue-esque" shots. I wanted to make something as beautiful as I could before I clicked that shutter. In the beginning that's all I thought about, making things beautiful. It wasn't until I was in high school that I stopped trying to force beauty for my lens but to genuinely see it. I spent hours upon hours people watching, completely fascinated with every moment that hinted at emotion. A sly little wink, a soft hand on her back, the way a young child reached for his mother's hand. It all meant something to them and I finally understood why.

Weddings are so beautiful and the people involved are always the reason why. With Lisa and Nathan they were absolutely, 10,000 percent the reason why their wedding was so poignant and lively. They weren't worried about tradition--they did it their way. Starting with the proposal! Lisa decided she knew he was the one so she popped the question to HIM! The entire day they were relaxed and joyful. They were together, with the most important people in their lives and that was all that mattered. Their commitment and freeing attitude made it one of the most simple yet moving weddings of my year.

People are often surprised to learn that I still shoot film. In a digital age it seems like too much work. But for me film looks like a memory. The textures are so rich you can almost touch it, the colors so vibrant it sings and when I capture a moment I want it to give it that magic. Sure, it's hard to wait for film to be developed and scanned but when those images hit my inbox it's just like Christmas day.


This is why I do it. I don't want you to merely see an image, I want you to feel it. To hold onto that moment, that swelling in your heart--I want you to feel it every time you look at it. These are the moments that matter.

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