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Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography

Hello! My name is Kristy.  I am the "K" in the "M".  My husband, Michael, is the M, and together we are MK Priceless Photography, a wedding and portrait team based in Wichita, Kansas.

Most mornings I wake up and pinch myself.  It's hard to believe I get to work at something I love and am passionate about.  My first portrait session was over six years ago.  You could hardly call it a portrait session though, more like a favor for a friend who somehow talked me into taking her daughter's senior pictures.  I'm glad she did.  To say I have grown over the years as a photographer and small business owner is an understatement!

Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography

My first experience with photography was with my dad's Nikon film camera that I used for a summer course in high school.  At the time I was interested in journalism but photography stole my heart.  Years later, when Michael and I brought our baby boy home from the hospital through adoption, photographing moments became priceless to me.  I've been capturing moments for clients at MK Priceless Photography ever since.


Being a photographer affords me the chance to grow as an individual.  I'm constantly learning, either through workshops I have attended or through tutorials, blogs, and the good old fashioned book.  Past positions working on marketing teams and with newspaper staffs have given me years of experience with software that I use nearly every day in my post-processing.

Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless PhotographyKristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography

My clients teach me so much.  They teach me to slow down and look for details in life that are important.  I approach every photograph with the important in mind and go out of my way to capture moments unique to them.  I'm not afraid to step out of the box, crawl on the ground, and get a little dirty trying to do so.  I adore raw emotions and genuine smiles and am always hunting for the moment when that oh-so-yummy light happens to fall on the oh-so-perfect subject.

R35 Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless PhotographyKristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography

You could call my style photo-journalistic.  I want my photographs to speak for themselves and tell my client's stories.  90 percent of my time is spent story-telling in natural light with prime lenses.  While I do work with off-camera lighting, I reserve that for low-lit receptions and indoors.  Nothing thrills me more than being able to capture portraits in gorgeous light.

Kristy Brungardt, MK Priceless Photography

Trying to pick a favorite session was nearly impossible, but this wedding tops my list.  I've known the bride since she was in high school.  I got to watch her grow up then be present when she walked down the isle to marry the man of her dreams.  Their day was picture-perfect and full of the kind of light that makes a photographer's heart swoon.  Michelle and Josh's wedding took place at the gorgeous Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston, Kansas.  We began the day as we started:  chasing beautiful light and capturing memories to last a lifetime.

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