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Mimsical Photography - Alberta Canada

Stretching out alongside the shadow of the Rocky Mountains lies the vast and open prairies of Southern Alberta and when you've traveled just far enough to still see the mountains in the distance you know you'll find Lethbridge. This is where I and my business - Mimsical Photography - find our home base.

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I think the real beauty in being a photographer is the relationships you get to see grow and flourish.  For me, my clients are friends and their joy gives me joy. I'm simply documenting what is already there in a way that they can see just how beautiful their story is. To me photography is about emotions - laughter, peace, good natured jokes, new accomplishments, adoring love. It's about seeing the moment a couple glances at each other and you can just know that they are meant for each other. Or maybe the way a child's hand curls in her mothers hand, or the way a husbands hand still fits into hers.

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I'm in the business of getting to know people. Learning their stories and giving them something that is absolutely unique because it is absolutely them. Sometimes its messy, sometimes it means falling in the snow in -30 or climbing a tree or waking up at dawn. But if it means seeing someone at their most content it is always worth it.

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I've been photographing for 3 years - slowly growing my little business month by month into something I am so truly excited about. In that time I've welcomed my own two boys into this world and if anything they have made me treasure details even more. I'm looking forward to more years of learning, of growing and reaching out to new prospects.

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This engagement shoot shot early last fall makes me swoon. I mean seriously! Horses, and big spaces and a couple completely down for anything! I headed out to their acreage on the edge of Lethbridge and spent some entertaining time putting the horses through their paces. I'm 100% sure I stepped in a couple cow patties, and the horses were extremely camera shy but that is half the fun! The sun was absolutely perfect, I think I car even drove down the gravel rode right before the above shot giving the fall sun an even dreamier haze to it. When your photographer asks you to shoot at golden hour this is why!

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I'd like to thank Basic Invite for asking me to guest post on their blog, it is such an honor to be featured with so many extremely talented photographers!

I'd like to encourage you to remember to savor the details in life. Whether you're planning a wedding or thinking about your child's birthday or maybe even planning a 25th wedding anniversary:  remember to breathe and take it in. This time doesn't come again. So grab a camera or  a photographer and document it.  Your story is exceptionally beautiful and unique because it is yours.



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Christina Voorhorst - Mimsical Photography {Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Available for world wide travel}


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