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Hi friends,

It's Alex Jones from Dakota Images based in Saginaw, Michigan. While I love to capture love on camera, it is important to share how I got to this point. I can remember when I was younger, snapping photos of my family with a green disposable camera hoping that everyone kept their eyes open. Disposable cameras were great and cheap, until you picked up your photos only to realize all of the flaws.



Well fast forward to 2009, I joined the military as a public affairs specialist and there was one section of training where I had to learn photography.

I was a writer ... not a photographer. The instructors explained as a journalist when you're out in the field you have to shoot your own photos and a story without a photo is like cake without icing. I cringed, because this was no longer the disposable camera I had been used to as a child, but this was a digital camera. Every photo I took I debated if it was great, would it get me an A – but I loved learning and I took every lesson that the instructors taught and applied it.


Later, I was given my first Nikon camera for Christmas in 2012, and I figured I would simply stick with the usual photos ... you know birthday parties and selfies. That dream ceased. One day my best friend called me and said, “This lady at my church needs wedding photos, I told her you take pictures.” Anxiety struck in, I photographed things as a military journalist, but I was no wedding photographer. But I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by. So I did my homework and shot my first wedding in 2013.

And after the birth of my daughter in 2014, I soon birthed my photography business, Dakota Images. The wedding that is featured in this blog means very much to me, the beautiful bride is my sister-in-law.

While, I’ve only been a photographer for a short time,  I am still thankful that my best friend recognized my gift. My craving for perfection has a way of withholding me from seeing the ultimate goal, but photography has helped me realized not everything is perfect from the shots I take or even love. It takes effort. It is the ability to see the error, correct it and try again. When couples endure rough patches in their marriage, I hope they find the effort to correct their wrongs and of course, I hope the photos I captured will ignite the love and excitement they felt on their special day.

Showcasing love on camera is my favorite,  and I am excited that I can photograph couples  during special moments.

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