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Michelle Sparta Photography : Women's Empowerment Shoot


Hi there, my name is Michelle! I want to take a moment to introduce myself.

I am a stay at home mother to my beautiful baby boy and a wife to my wonderful husband who serves in the military.

I am younger than most photographers, however I started taking pictures during my freshman year of High School. That was 6 years ago. I was so determined to learn EVERYTHING I possibly could about my camera. That was all I had focused on for a long time. I continued taking photos after I graduated. My main focus was on nature and landscapes. Anytime I would travel, I would bring my camera along for the ride. I focused on taking photos of anything that caught my eye. Many of those images contained Animals or Landscapes. Around 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to start my own photography business. I had this crazy inspiration. I wanted to focus on portraiture. It's incredible how much of my work and experience has changed since then.

I am considered to be a Lifestyle & Natural Light Photographer. Occasionally, I will have the pleasure of shooting Boudoir Portraits and i will bring my studio lights along with me (for a variety of different lighting techniques) but I usually find the best photos to be the ones taken with natural light.

What was my favorite shoot?

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing 14 different women and it was one of the most

incredible experiences. The Makeup Artist I work besides (Brittany), had contacted me and she had this incredible idea! She wanted to take a group of multiple different women with their natural appearances and bringing them all together to showcase Women Empowerment. I had never done a shoot like this before but, I was super excited to bring her vision to life!

I got to meet several of unique women and showcase their natural beauty and their wonderful personalities. Not one of them was the same! This shoot also allowed me to challenge myself and to take the opportunity to shoot in different lighting situations. The outcome was extremely rewarding. Out of all the sessions I have gotten to shoot( although I find favorites in each session) this one is my favorite.

Miss H was the sweetest to work with and her smile could make anyone smile

Miss A was the most "go with the flow" person of the group

Miss A was the bravest out of the group she left a beautiful impact when she left this session

Miss K was one of the most quiet yet bubbly during the shoot

Miss W was one of the most confident women I have ever met

Miss C is one of the strongest women I have ever gotten to do a shoot with

Miss J was one of the nicest women to everyone during the shoot

Miss A was one of the most inspirational during this shoot and she kept everyone laughing

Miss R is what I would call "spunky" she was the most energetic

Miss T was the pregnant one in the group but all kidding aside she was also the most hardworking

Miss S was quiet yet, she had this silent confidence about her

Miss K was the most outgoing

Brittany was the creator of the Women's Empowerment shoot and she is also the talented MUA I work with regularly. I could say a lot about Brittany from working with her. but truly inside and out she is the most caring person I have ever met



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