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Miami Wedding Photography by Raul Ospina #BarredaWedding

Miami Photographer Raul Ospina

My name is Raul, I was born and survived in Miami since the early 80's. In my early childhood my father had a slr camera, but he never had the extra time for it. I spent all my 4 years in high school triggering my shutter and going on adventures in my 1970 Vw bus with friends, creating unusual moments to capture. That was a lot of fun.

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Fast forward through college, graphic/video employments, some amazing opportunities in fashion, and assisting one of Miami's most sought after wedding photographer. I was ready and confident starting my own wedding photography business.

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Joaquin and Jeannie married in March 8th 2014, a dream client that every photographer would love to have. Fun, energetic and easy to shoot with. Surprisingly as well, we were good friends since high school.

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Joaquin runs with a big groom squad and Jeannie's girls are always looking their best. It was a perfect day to freeze these moments. Big Family, lots of friends, and ....

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