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Melissa Pepin Photography

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When I started Melissa Pepin Photography over 10 years ago I wanted to create art. I wanted to help people. I wanted to provide a service for them that would make them smile and help them remember important things in their life. The longer I have been in business, the more my mission and desire to create art has intensified. I’m not just interested in helping people by giving them a quality product…I want that produce to move them. I want to tap into their hearts and hand them pieces of themselves they haven’t visibly seen before. I don’t just want to just make people smile.

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I want to make people feel. I don’t want to just help people remember, I want to help people recognize. I want them to recognize their beauty and significance and importance and place in this world. I want show them their life with lots of laughs and deeply intimate moments. And I want them to see their images and fall in love with the life they have…nothing someone else has…but what THEY have. I mean, how lucky am I that this is how I get to make my living and provide for my family?! I absolutely know how fortunate I am.

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I have so many sessions and weddings I love that are filled with images that make me blush or laugh out loud but this recent session takes the cake for me…literally! I was able to work with this amazing family in the fall and was ecstatic when they called about their daughter’s 1st birthday session! This little lovely’s mother is Natalie and the owner of one of my faovirte design shops, Tulip Magnolia (

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