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Megan Simpson Photography, Colorado Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Eleanor and I began our photography journey nearly twenty years ago. Eleanor, my Nikon 35mm film camera, was my window into the world of photography. I spent many afternoons with Ellie, wandering around my small town and looking for inspiration. Even more evenings were spent mixing chemicals and pulling my hair in frustration as I worked to master darkroom techniques.

Flash forward ten years, with Eleanor retired, and my heart still craving creativity, I began to delve into portrait photography. People are fascinating. Their stories, their smiles, their history. I begged anyone and everyone to tell me their story and let me put pictures to their words. Eventually this led me into wedding photography.

Wedding photography and people photography are my jam. They give me the opportunity to freeze time and hand them to my clients in the most beautiful medium. Passion is the word people use to label the indescribable joy photography gives me, but to me that word just isn't enough. Preschooler manically jumping up and down when they get to see their best friend--that's how photography makes me feel.

Picking my favorite shoot is impossible but one that always makes my heart flutter is Chanda and Mark's wedding day. The forecast for the afternoon was sunny. Typical perfect afternoon in Colorado.

We snuck outside for a romantic first look in a field overlooking the foothills and were surprised. Sheets of rain painted the sky in the distance. Colorado has 300 days of sunshine though.

There was no need to worry...Right?

Until we needed to start worrying. Just as we were about to start bridal party photos outside of an old barn, the rain came. First drops, then sheets so thick I ran to take cover. We huddled in the barn wandering how long it would last before making a run back to the bridal barn to go through our options.

Chanda and Mark are an open fields kind of couple. They live for the space and solitude of being outside and with Chanda's family history in wheat farming, their planned outdoor ceremony setup was not only aesthetic but sentimental. The debate began. Move the ceremony inside or wait it out.

The bartender opened the bar early and we waited.

Miraculously, the sun broke and Chanda and Mark got to feel the first rays in a soaked field, underneath their custom altar.

The party began, just as these two had planned it. The next chapter in their story officially began.

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