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Matt Emrich Wedding Photography

I've been shooting weddings since 2004 and have loved every minute of it! Wedding photography has taken me throughout the United States and as far away as Cyprus and Hong Kong, but most of my weddings take place in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley. A background in photojournalism shapes how I document the entire wedding day and 2nd-shooting for a top pro my first two years in the business gave me a solid foundation for how to maximize a venue's scenic locations. After shooting nearly 200 weddings, I've learned when to pose people and when to step back a bit. Professional wedding photography is both a craft and a business and the more I hone my craft the better my business becomes. More than technical know-how, the most important part of wedding photography is the ability to interact well with people: if my clients are comfortable with me, they're comfortable in front of a camera, which leads to better photos. A typical wedding day for me begins when the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready at the salon. It takes most brides about three hours to get ready so I always have time to focus on the groom and his groomsmen as well. Since most of my couples order albums, those 'getting ready' shots are a great way to begin, and it's also nice to get the bride and groom used to having a camera pointed at them all day.  I shoot the majority of my weddings on my own, occasionally engaging an assistant. Most of the weddings I shoot take place outdoors, in the summer and fall. This means lots of bright sunshine and tricky lighting conditions. For that reason, I always bring along plenty of lighting equipment, which I use both on- and off-camera. This helps eliminate harsh shadows and, ironically, actually makes the images look more natural. Additionally, when the sun goes down and the reception heats up, my lighting equipment allows me to keep shooting long into the night.

Bridal Veil Lakes wedding Bridal Veil Lakes wedding Bridal Veil Lakes wedding Bridal Veil Lakes wedding


The first set of images were from a wedding I shot at Bridal Veil Lakes, an amazing venue about an hour east of Portland, Oregon. It was a May wedding which can be risky in the Pacific Northwest since we usually get a lot of spring rain. However, the sun was out all day and the newlyweds and I took full advantage of the weather.

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding


The second set of images were taken at a beautiful organic farm called Mt Hood Organic Farms, also about an hour east of Portland. Featuring spectacular views of Mt Hood, this venue also offers lodging and full-service catering. This is probably my favorite place to shoot in Oregon.

Whisper-n-Oaks wedding Whisper-n-Oaks wedding Whisper-n-Oaks wedding


A place called Whisper'n'Oaks is where the third set of images were made. Whisper'n'Oaks is a wedding venue in rural Willamette Valley. It rained off and on that day, a rarity in August, but that only made the light softer. The entire wedding party was fully engaged in the photography process, which made the photos turn out great!

Atavista B&B wedding Atavista B&B wedding Atavista B&B wedding


The last set of images were made at Atavista Bed & Breakfast, a wedding venue about 30 minutes north of Eugene, Oregon. The wheat fields adjoining the property were at their height during this early August wedding, and I really like the contrast of the rustic setting juxtaposed with a very well dressed couple.

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