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Husband and Wife team

Debbie and Craig Marshall met and instantly fell in love 10 years ago. Debbie from the USA and Craig from the United Kingdom met as photographers working on a cruise ship in Alaska. What began with the same passion for photography led to the discovery of the same passion in each other, we were married just one year after meeting each other with love at first sight!

Our love for each other that began in 2006 has only grown stronger and we feel so fortunate to capture fantastic moments witnessing the most special day in the lives of others.

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1950s style romance in the style of 1950s Vogue

We love classic, and iconic imagery where photographic skill, and artistic use of lighting can be used to capture stunningly beautiful images masterfully. We always have been and always will be in love with black and white photography, and also love the covers of 1950s Vogue Magazine. We love the romantic feel of simplicity isolating our couples so that we can focus on the great connection of two people in love.

We make the best of every location we photograph at. We love natural light, but are also very skillful at creating the natural light look with masterful use of flash photography.

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Why we love this wedding

We love a challenge, and the more adventurous bride and groom choose to be on their wedding day the more creative and artistic the end result will be. This was a fun, fast paced and adventurous wedding full of excitement from morn till night.

For the getting ready images the bride had the most beautiful lace up dress. That give us plenty of time to capture the beauty of the morning, she was full of life and excitement that made her shine with beauty for some very gorgeous images.

Once Bride, Groom, and Bridal party were all set we headed out to downtown Hartford CT (a 20 minute journey) for a first look between bride and groom to share a very special yet intimate moment followed by great city scape creative images before the ceremony.

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The ceremony itself was extra special. What was so great was just how involved the guests were. There was no cell phone photography or any photography of any kind other than my wife and I. We captured the moments that were very beautiful because everyone present was so involved loving every moment of the wedding.

We especially love telling Sean and Amanda's story as they are not just clients to us. We choose the weddings we capture based on one simple fact, that we are a good fit and we get each other! We're not just 2 people with cameras who show upon the day and go through the motions. We have to connect with our brides and grooms because we are capturing history. Our clients will show their album to their children and grandchildren. We take that very seriously!


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