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Mariah Walker Photography

There is always vision behind a visionary and a tool behind each creative. In a sense we are all artists, our tool may differ, but the heart behind it is the same. Photography is that for me.


My name is Mariah Walker and I am photographer based in the Birmingham area, however my job keeps me on the road so I am always open to travel. I became interested in photography at a young age; intrigued by the idea of freezing a moment, I fell in love with my craft immediately.


Mariah Walker Photography is unique solely because it is formed around the client; I try to be as personal and approachable as possible. I seek to create a product that I would want if I were the client.

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With this in mind, my photo shoots are an experience both for the client and me. I focus on the moments in between staged photos and I also give a digital download for each of my shoots, giving the client inexpensive rights to their own photos.

It is art to bring out the artisan soul in another.


On a shoot, I look to partner with who the client already is. With that said, I don't over edit and I aim to bring the magic out of the ordinary moment. Emotion is what I want to stir up in the clients I serve.

Paying close attention to details, I seek out the hidden beauty of each moment

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My ideal photo shoots are the ones where the photographer and client come out as friends, not just business partners. 




I had the privilege of photographing their engagement session as well as their big day. Their love for each other was obvious just in one glance and I wanted to exemplify that for them to remember for the rest of their lives. When a photographer feels relaxed at a wedding, that's when you know the couple is special (am i right?).

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