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Mara Urban Photography - Wisconsin Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Hey there, guys! I'm Mara, the mind and creative eye behind Mara Urban Photography. I'm a Midwest girl who finds joy in capturing natural life's little moments through the lens of a camera. I've been taking pictures of happy humans since I was twelve years old, and have been pursuing my passion as a business for three years now. 

When I was eighteen, I chose to attend to college for photography. Admittedly, I initially only chose the program because I knew that photography was the only thing I enjoyed and was half good at. But man, that program changed me and my perception of photography.

What I used to view as a hobby, an art form, and a fun pastime has turned into an absolute necessity to document the raw, true emotion of life. Not only does photography capture a moment, it gives you an opportunity to relive the essence of the moment captured.


From the birth and growth of my first nephew:



To the happiest days of my clients' lives:


Every time I pick up my camera, I strive to honestly capture life's natural beauty and genuine emotion.

The great thing is, that emotion doesn't just exist in the monumentally important moments; it exists in the small things too.

There's nothing that makes me quite as happy as catching those beautiful little snippets of life.

Life isn't all rainbows and sunshine. That's why we need to document the moments that are. It's like taking the photos: not every picture I take is well exposed, in-focus, has perfect composition, etc. In fact, most of the thousands of pictures taken during a photo session don't make the cut at all. But then there are the photos where everything works together; and those are the photographs that make my job worth it.

You can keep up with me here:

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