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My name is Dave Alton and I run and operate Luminary Photo.  We are a family run business that my wife and I work on together.  We are a Los Angeles Area Wedding Photographer operating in the greater Los Angeles area.  We pride ourselves on being people photographers.  We like to get to know our wedding clients and believe that the wedding day is the beginning of something great.  We are also Los Angeles area family and portrait photographers and do everything from newborn, to senior graduations photo shoots.  I guess we are really family photographers and we enjoy all aspects of people photography.

Over the years I have a huge number of shoots.  One of my favorite weddings over the years has been the MacXxxxxx wedding.  They are great clients wanting unique and beautiful photography.  They chose a gorgeous venue (Camarillo Ranch House), with its old Victorian house and barn it makes for an amazing venue and even better photos.  They also put a lot of time and thought into what would make their wedding unique to them.  They created an experience for their guests that was a perfect blend of them.DWA_5047 DWA_5123 DWA_5126 DWA_5223 DWA_5281 DWA_5428 DWA_5513 JMA_1201 JMA_1321

They worked very hard to have everything perfect but it ended up raining heavily that morning and where we were to have the ceremony couldn’t be used.  Luminary Photo always arrives early to get all of the getting ready shots but we are also there to help the couple.  It was a mad frenzy but with everyone helping we were able to relocate the entire ceremony to the barn.  We feel strongly at Luminary Photo that we are there to help the bride and groom have a great day and ultimately make a small but lasting difference in their wedding day.  If that requires us to move chairs, tie ties, or just about anything else we will.

We strongly encourage all couples to “LOVE” their photographer.  You should love their work but more importantly you should love their personality.  We want our couples at ease and super comfortable with us.  Without that familiarity and common sense of purpose your photos will be lack luster.  Your photographer won’t be bringing out the best in you because you aren’t comfortable with the photographer.  It is why we include DEMAND an engagement session with all of our wedding packages.  It is crucial that when we photograph one of the most important days of your life that we are “YOUR” photographer.

Recently we were also able to take some senior photos (one of my other favorite photographic opportunities).  These are not studio senior photos these are custom designed photoshoots for our graduating senior clients.  Most senior clients are so excited to be going off to college or starting new jobs it is hard to not feel that way.  The Renkenberger’s are long time clients that we have been photographing for years.  I would even call them family friends at this point.  Their kids are amazing Tiffany and McKenna and are quite lovely.

Beach Portrait at El Matador State BeachDWA_2872 DWA_2795DWA_2883 DWA_2951 DWA_2965

Their senior portraits were taken at the very popular El Matador State Beach in Malibu.  This beautiful and stunning location is truly a one of a kind.  Much like these two lovely girls are.  If you know when the sun is setting you can get the most amazing skies and colors.  More importantly these girls are up to big things and it shows through in their photographs.  They are naturally beautiful and the setting makes it that much more stunning.

I see a lot of people these days finding the lowest price “professional” photographer to do their most cherished moments in life.  We understand that cost is a factor in everything and if you can’t afford it you can’t but quality should be your most important decision.  I have been a photographer much of my adult life and doing it as a profession since 2005.  We will never make the claim to be the best photographer in the world but we are well studied and always trying to get better at our craft.  What we do best is connect with people and use our photos to make a difference.

Don’t seek out the least expensive photographer, seek out the best photographer for your budget.  Look for how they connect with you.  See how they make you laugh.  Once your photographer can do that, well the rest is pretty easy.  We love our clients and can’t wait to hopefully be yours.  Thank you to for featuring us and if you want to learn or know more about Luminary Photo visit our website or Facebook page.

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