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Lovelee Photography & The Arizona Wedding Experience

It is truly difficult to select a favorite wedding or session from our years of experience, as wedding photographers you become intimately close with your couples, which makes every wedding special in their own way. The people, the gown, the venue, the look in their eyes as they say, “I do”. They’re all a monumental moments!

Recently we photographed a wedding in Sedona, Arizona at L’Auberge. The venue is exquisite and these two wonderful people have become great friends to us. Their wedding was blissful and perfect.

As photographers we loved being able to capture the tranquil setting of this wedding while becoming close with the bride and groom. L’Auberge is a beautiful venue for any wedding--small or large and this couple made for the perfect bride and groom to share this experience with. A perfectly quaint wedding, a planted tree to remember the day, surrounded by the best of friends and family to celebrate their union. No one could have asked for more! We were their photographers yes but, we were treated like guests. We have photographed this couple and their friends many times since their engagement session, we’re always honored to have loyal clients who become amazing friends along the way.

Our favorite part about being photographers is having the opportunity to meet wonderful people who quickly become friends. There is nothing more personal than a couple's wedding.  We meet their family, we’re there for their first kiss, and we party the night away with them side by side. Weddings are intimate; these moments are precious. The only way to experience your wedding is by having someone you trust, someone you enjoy being around. When you have that type of relationship with your bridal photographer, you are able to create the most beautiful and fun photography, something that will last a lifetime!

In the end it is our responsibility to create a serine atmosphere for our clients, full of laughter and fun. This wedding was the perfect example of that!

Much love from your wedding photographers, your friends Lovelee Photography.

Please enjoy some of the highlights from this magical wedding!

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