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Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele: A Husband Wife Team

Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele

Our Story

Our lovely and actioned-packed wedding photography story begins with our marriage. We've always been creatives--Michele went to a gifted art school as a child and I (Jeff) always loved photography while playing music professionally was my "thing".

We began deeply desiring to do something that used our gifts--something that allowed us to work together. Several years went by, and we had several ideas, but nothing solid came of it--at least not yet.

An Unplanned Start Into Photography

Michele's grandfather passed away. Soon after, she began asking me for a nice camera to take photos of family members in the moments of joy--pictures to remember them by, especially in the tough times. I said "yes", of course. How could I not?

Soon, we began toying with a newly purchased camera. One night, I was rocking my newborn daughter and was hit with an idea. I came out of the room after my daughter fell asleep, stopped Michele and said, "What if we become wedding photographers?" She, very lovingly and enthusiastically replied, "Absolutely not!" We see who won that battle!

Going "Full-Time"

Not long after we began a very invested path of education to learn the ins and outs of how to handle both the art and the business of wedding photography. It was our prayer that eventually we would be able to do this full-time.

The company I was then working at offered anyone that wanted to pursue some other dream a cash to leave and pursue it (kind of crazy sounding, right?)--and it just so happened that this amount would cover us for a month or two.

I took it--sort of a leap of faith! We officially "started our business" by getting registered with the State and taking care of other upstart things. I later began a new job, then was offered another more flexible job for a company that sold about 6 months later.

During those 6 months, Michele and I struggled to balance wedding photography and my "full-time" job, despite the flexibility. Sometimes, I wouldn't doubt we worked a total of 100 hours a week between the two of us.

My boss had discussed moving me to part-time in the new year, which is when the company would be selling. Problem was, the new owners decided not to hire him in the new year! So circumstances cast Michele and I headlong into "full-time wedding photography". Was that a bit scary? You better believe it!

Since then, this has been our job. It comes with lots of tough challenges but is also incredibly rewarding. And what's best is that the whole time we've seen God's hand continually guide and protect us, drawing us closer together and preparing us for the future in a way that blows our minds!

Husband Wife Wedding Photographers

We think that having a husband and wife wedding photographers your wedding is of tremendous value. First, you're getting the intrinsic strengths of both the husband and the wife. Second, you're getting two people that don't just work together on the wedding day. They work together every day of their lives.

We've come to see that each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. When we work together, I can focus on my strengths, like making sure that everyone is organized and comfortable for photos. Then, Michele can really focus on the tiny details like hair or a collar being out of place.

Michele tells me that I'm great at "the big picture" in a way that she isn't. I've noticed that she has a gift to notice and correct details, especially when it comes to helping women feel and look flattering in their photos.

There's lots of reasons that having a husband wife team can mean more moments captured for your money. After you finish this article, be sure to take a look and read more about Reasons to Hire a Husband Wife Wedding Photographer Team!

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Most brides like our style because it is natural, candid, and emotionally meaningful. Relationships and ensuring that our photographs have intrinsic aesthetic value is our focus.

Our style is documentary. We could also be described as fine art wedding photographers that provide a bit of instruction to ensure that photos are artistically pleasant. Since we're focused on things like lighting, colors, movement, and relationships from a candid perspective, we could be considered impressionistic wedding photographers. This seems to be a fairly new sub-category, but we think it holds some useful distinction that can help describe an evolving style.

Our Approach to Film & Digital

Brides and grooms ask, "do you shoot film?" To which we reply, "Yes! And here's why..." We love how film handles in bright sunlight and so it's our go-to for outdoor portraits.

Since film isn't as low-light capable as our digital cameras, we also shoot digital. That way, we feel like we merge the best of both worlds. Cameras, by themselves, don't make amazing images. But amazing service, relationship building, knowledge, commitment, all work together to make amazing images. Oh, and don't forget making enough mistakes and still persevering, because, well, that's huge!

If you'd like to read more about the subject, we've written a little more in our article Benefits of Hiring a Film Wedding Photographer (Who Also Shoots Digital).

Little Turtle Club Wedding Party

Where Do Jeff & Michele Photograph Weddings?

Our main market for weddings is in Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati, and Nashville. With that said, we have photographed in New York, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia. We are totally open to photographing in other states and countries. We get inquiries from other places such as Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and even Australia, so we do consider ourselves destination wedding photographers.

So, if you're looking for Lexington Wedding Photographers, Louisville wedding photographers, Cincinnati wedding photographers, or a Nashville wedding photographer, be sure to get in touch!

Our Advice to Others

Our journey has been one of trusting God and seeking healthy relationships. Neither Michele or I ever really sought out to become wedding photographers. Plenty of husbands and wives are out there, or people that will be husbands and wives one day, that were like us--working fairly separate lives, but have a strong desire to one day focus more on family and time spent together with loved ones.

There are so many great options in our age to begin freelance/entrepreneurial futures that allow you flexibility if you manage your time well. Wedding photography is definitely one of those professions that allow couples to spend more time together, but it does require a decent amount of time outside the home and away from kids. It's this aspect that I think is our least favorite.

But Really, Is Anything Ever Perfect?

Of course, nothing in this world is ever "perfect". Just make a wise choice by weighing the options when you're looking to start a wedding photography business or any other type of business. Each person has their own purpose and set of talents. These talents can be used to serve others. If you have a desire for more flexibility in your schedule and are motivated, you can find something that will work.

Our "method" was to focus on knowing Jesus and to love those around us. This led us to a focus on things like customer service and genuine relationships and care for our brides, grooms, their families, and guests. And honestly, everything has kind of "fell into place" in a way that's given us very grateful hearts.


Thanks for Reading!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about us and our story! Please feel free to reach out to us on our website or Instagram. We'd love to hear from you!

And lastly, we'd love to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Basic Invite for offering such great paper goods options and allowing us to be featured on their blog!


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